Topics of interest are all those concerned with integrated and/or cross-field approaches for engineering Agents, Web Services, Ontologies. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Semantic Web Agents and Semantic Web Services
  • Integrated Methodologies, Notations, Infrastructures for Agents, WSs, Ontologies
  • Enhancement of communication among Agents/WSs by means of Ontologies
  • Formal aspects for Agents, WSs and Ontologies
  • Service-Oriented Multiagent systems
  • Implementing agents with WS technologies
  • Agent-inspired Declarative Approaches to WSs or SOA
  • Exploiting AOSE for engineering WSs and Ontologies
  • Orchestrations, choreographies, and Interaction Protocols: languages, theory and practice
  • Formal Description of contracts and negotiation policies
  • Tools for Semantic Web Services/Agents
  • Applications of Semantic Web Services/Agents